Suches Georgia
“A Valley Above the Clouds”

Town of Suches GA

The town of Suches Georgia is about 2 hours from Atlanta and has an elevation of about 3000 feet. Suches Georgia offers clean mountain air and cool temperatures, with an abundance of rain in the summer and some snow in the winter. During fall, the leaves present a dazzling display of colors, orange, red, bronze, yellow and everything in between. In the summer there is a nice breeze during the day and cool nights.

Suches has become a motorcycle destination with the Two Wheels Resort located in the area offering cabins, camping and good meals, as well as other friendly bikers. There are many cabin rentals and campgrounds nearby to Suches Georgia to stay and explore the outdoor hiking and fishing.

History of Suches GA

Suches was settled by hardy people that were self sufficient. In the early days before GA Hwy. 60, it took 3 days to get farm products to market in Gainesville by horse and wagon and back home again. Things are different now of course, but it is still a 15 mile drive to Dahlonega to any major stores and banks.

The Suches area consisted of several smaller postal districts until 1955, when the United States Post Office consolidated the area into one, but the Suches zip code extends into Fannin County.

Suches was named after a Cherokee Indian Chief. Caucasians moved into the area about 1838.

Today Suches (The Valley Above the Clouds) is primarily a retirement and farming community with no large stores.

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