How long does it take for my ad to be posted to the website?

First it will depend on how quickly we get all the info necessary for your online ad

How long is the duration of my advertisement?

All featured listings and ad banners are advertised for a 12 month period to provide accurate stats during all four seasons.

What information do you need for my advertisement?

Please fill out the form on this website, the information needed will depend on the type of your business.

How many listings will I get if I buy an ad in one category?

You will get a listing on the city / town level,  and the state level for your category. You can purchase adjacent city and town listings and banner ads as well as ads within the county pages as an upgrade to your account for more reach and exposure throughout the website.

Can your ad be in more than one category?

Yes. For instance you have a business that is a resort, has a restaurant, does weddings, and has cabin rentals. Each separate category is $180 for 12 months. In this example to have an ad in each category would be a total of $720 for four categories for 12 months of advertising.

Are there any upgrades to be able to get more links from the website?

Can I make a payment online for renewal?

There are several ways to make a payment for your initial featured listing with us, upgrades, or renewals. You can login to your invoice we send via email and pay with a debit or credit card. You can mail a check to our PO Box; listing will not be added to the website until the check is received and clears the bank.

How do I receive and get my stats from my ads?

Your stats will be emailed to you monthly, quarterly or annually.

Do you offer any trade for advertisements?

What other services do you provide your clients?

Can I post on your Facebook page to attract more business?

How do I make any changes or update my ad with