Wildflowers Bloom Times of the Southern Appalachians – The following list is for approximate bloom times of some of the flowering plants of the southern Appalachians. Bloom times are affected by a variety of factors, including elevation. The southern Appalachian mountain region varies in elevation from about 1500 ft. above sea level to over 6000 ft. and generally at higher elevations plants will bloom later and possibly for longer periods of time. Some of the plants below are linked to pages with more information.

Easyliving Wildflower – Wildflower Seed for home landscaping and restoration, plant list with common and scientific names, color photographs, seed stratification, scarification, and planting info, natural distribution, zones, and invasive plant list.

Herbs, Wildflowers and Mountain Remedies – A section in The Mountain Laurel website.

NC Natural Digest – (Very Good) Includes list of endangered species of wildflowers in North Carolina. Also herbal medicine discussion forum.

Wildflowers of Scott County – Wildflowers indigenous to Scott County, Virginia listed by genus with photographs and descriptions.

The Wintergreen Nature Foundation – The Wintergreen Nature Foundation exists to encourage the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of natural resources of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Foundation’s calendar includes hikes and programs to promote exploration, learning, and conservation.

WNC Nature Notebook – Western North Carolina nature site. Focus is on knowing and identifying the local plants, by description and photo. Also includes nature notes, hikes, drives and waterfalls as they pertain to amateur naturalists and nature appreciation.