Harman Music
Eastern Woodland Cherokee writer, CD, with voice and music, which is a segment of the Book: Visions, Feathers and Sandstones, by Camile Kay Bishop. Harman Music, studio and producer, (Record Company) located in Glenville, WV.

Snowbird Indian Trading Post
Handcrafted Traditional Cherokee Indian Art, accessories, clothing, jewelry by Cherokee People. All items crafted using only natural & native material, No mass produced or imported items. Traditional & Modern pieces.

Wolf Creek Indian Village
Step back over 500 years in time and visit the Wolf Creek Indian Village and Museum in Bastian, Virginia.

Cherokee Indian Reservation
The official homepage of the Cherokee Nation, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Western North Carolina.

Creek Indians of North Georgia
An introduction to the Creek Nation of North Georgia.

Native American Arts, Humanities and Culture.
A web resource intended to promote awareness and increase knowledge of the Indigenous people of Mother Earth.