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Union WV

Union West Virginia
“Rendezvous for Troops During the Indian Wars”

Town of Union WV

The town of Union is located in Monroe County West Virginia and is a town rich in history, landmarks, attractions, and many things to do. From Civil War historical sites, to old flour mills, to covered bridges, museums, orchards and farms, natural mineral springs, local restaurants, quaint lodging, cabin rentals, caving adventures, hiking the Allegheny Trail and the Appalachian Trail, fishing, hunting, and golfing. Union is small and quiet, but if you look hard enough there is always something to find that can peak the enthusiasm of any explorer not matter what ages you are.

History of Union WV

Shortly after Monroe County was created, James Alexander offered 25 acres of land, including a lot for a courthouse which became the town of Union. On January 6, 1800, the Virginia Assembly passed an act creating the town of Union and naming William Haynes, John Gray, John Byrnside, James Handley, Michael Erskine, John Hutchinson, and Isaac Estill trustees.

By 1810, at least sixteen lots had been sold in the newly laid out town of Union and a courthouse and jail were built at its center. In 1835, Union had 400 inhabitants and supported two hotels, two tanneries, a school, two churches, and two physicians. Union’s location on stage coach lines which carried settlers across the Allegheny Mountains helped to fuel the region’s growth, as did the several mineral spring resorts which operated in Monroe County, including Sweet Springs, Red Sulphur Springs, and Salt Sulphur Springs, all within a twenty-five-mile radius of Union.

Union grew rapidly as a trade center for the surrounding rural area until the Civil War. Both Confederate and Federal troops were often stationed in Union as it was a frequent rest station utilizing the bounty of the rural area. During the Civil War small skirmishes occurred throughout the war in the vicinity of Union and Monroe County. The majority of the citizens of Union supported the Confederacy and opposed the creation of West Virginia which included Monroe County.

The town of Union retains much of its historic architecture, with many structures dating back to when the local economy was thriving from the resort industry.

  • Sweet Sulphur Springs
  • Red Sulphur Springs
  • Salt Sulphur Springs
  • Allegheny Trail
  • Appalachian Trail
  • Organ Cave
  • Cook’s Old Mill
  • Reed’s Mill
  • Cook and Wood’s Forts

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