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White Sulphur Springs WV

White Sulphur Springs West Virginia
“Queen of the Watering Places”

Town of White Sulphur Springs WV

White Sulphur Springs located in Greenbrier County West Virginia grew in the first half of the nineteenth century as the southern “Queen of the Watering Places”. White Sulphur Springs is just 15 minutes East of Lewisburg West Virginia, and known mainly for its status as a luxury resort town, with lots of leisurely activities and the impressive five-star Greenbrier Resort. In the 1770s the springs were developed as a health spa when a woman reputedly was cured of her rheumatism after bathing in the springs. The springs themselves are on the grounds of the elegant Greenbrier Hotel. The resort became known for a summer destination for wealthy Virginia Low Country residents seeking cooler climates. White Sulphur Springs popularity increased, and it gained status as a socially exclusive site, the springs attracted elite guests from all areas of the South. No matter the time of year you visit White Sulphur Springs, there are plenty of activities you’re sure to enjoy.

History of White Sulphur Springs WV

In 1854 the White Sulphur Springs Hotel, known as the “Old White,” preceded the Greenbrier Resort and served as headquarters and hospital to both sides during the American Civil War. White Sulphur Springs was incorporated in 1909, and the large clear spring that inspired its name is now housed in a domed spring house on the grounds of the Greenbrier. The Civil War battle of Dry Creek was fought here in 1862.

The President’s Cottage housed presidents throughout the 19th century and since 1932 has served as a historical museum. From 1961 to 1995 the hotel contained a secret bunker that was designed to hold members of the United States Congress in the event of a nuclear war.

  • Blue Bend Recreation Area
  • Lake Sherwood Recreation Area
  • Greenbrier State Forest
  • Jefferson National Forest
  • Organ Cave
  • Oakhurst Links


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