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Ronceverte WV

Ronceverte West Virginia
“World’s Largest Softwood Producing
Sawmill From 1881 until 1913″

Town of Ronceverte WV

The city of Ronceverte is located in Greenbrier County West Virginia, on the Greenbrier River. Ronceverte is a proud railroad town, a part of the C&O Railroad that connected Pocahontas County to Hinton, and to Clifton Forge, Virginia. Ronceverte was part of the “Gravel Girtie” line where Hinton-based train cars were sent to the limestone quarry at Fort Spring and loaded with crushed lime. This cargo was sent to Clifton Forge where it fluxed in the large furnaces.

Ronceverte provides unique lodging, friendly people, a quaint historic district, parks, hiking and biking trails, and river access for canoeing, fishing and boating, Ronceverte offers many opportunities for visitors to the Greenbrier Valley.

History of Ronceverte WV

Ronceverte, a French word meaning “Greenbrier,” was incorporated in 1882. Ronceverte’s was the commerce and transportation center for the Greenbrier County West Virginia from the 1870’s until the middle half of the 20th century, Ronceverte was home to the largest hardwood producing sawmill in the world from 1880 until 1921.

Ronceverte might have been named “Edgar”, for the high number of Edgars who lived in the town, but the name was settled by a leading entrepreneur of the area, Cecil Clay, president of the St. Lawrence Boom and Manufacturing Company.

Ronceverte’s rich lumber and railroad history is found everywhere from the historic depot and coaling tower located in the heart of the downtown, to the vast array of historic homes built to accommodate railroad and lumber executives, medical and education professionals.

  • Organ Cave
  • Island Park
  • White Rock Mountain
  • Hawk Knob Hard Cider and Mead

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