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Lewisburg WV

Lewisburg West Virginia
“An Area Rich In History and Natural Beauty”

Town of Lewisburg WV

The city of Lewisburg is located in Greenbrier County is considered the jewel of southern West Virginia. Lewisburg is an old town with beautiful architecture in the downtown historic district. Lewisburg is an artistic community of actors, entertainers, musicians and artists. The Greenbrier Valley Theatre is considered one of the four Carnegie Halls in the world which is in downtown Lewisburg.

Downtown Lewisburg has many lodging choices from historic inns to hotels, to bed and breakfasts to vacation rentals. Lewisburg’s downtown area offers boutique shopping in the historic district along with art galleries, bars and many restaurants giving you a big-city feel.

Lewisburg is also served by the regional Greenbrier Valley Airport (LWB) as well as Amtrak service into nearby White Sulphur Springs, home to the world-famous Greenbrier resort and The Greenbrier Classic, and is home to the New Orleans Saints football training camp.

Within five minutes of the historic district travelers view scenery of natural beauty, with narrow country roads winding through rolling farmlands, 19th-century farmhouses, manor houses, and shaded ponds tucked away into the hollows. In the Spring there are blooming orchards, old covered bridges, cool mountains, and local waterfalls to explore.

History of Lewisburg WV

The town of Lewisburg West Virginia is named for General Andrew Lewis, who first came to Greenbrier County in 1751 as a surveyor for the Greenbrier Land Company to encourage settlement west of the Alleghenies. Col. Lewis would return again in 1754 to fortify “The Levels” against Indian attack. In 1774 General Andrew Lewis arrived at “Fort Savannah,” later named “Camp Union,” where he gathered over 1,000 pioneer soldiers and began the march north to defeat Chief Cornstalk at the Battle of Point Pleasant. The significance of the Battle of Point Pleasant has long been a subject of much debate.  However, as a matter of record, in 1908, by unanimous vote, the Sixtieth Congress of the United States declared this the official first battle of the American Revolution. Lewisburg was named in honor of Andrew Lewis and the Lewis Family. When the Revolutionary War broke out, Lewis joined the Continental Army, fighting in the war until 1781 when he died from a fever. In its early years, Lewisburg was part of Virginia, as West Virginia was not yet established. The Virginia General Assembly formally recognized the town of Lewisburg in 1782.

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