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Montgomery WV

Montgomery West Virginia
“New River Gorge”

Town of Montgomery WV

Montgomery is a city in Fayette county located in West Virginia, along the upper portion of the Kanawha River. Montgomery is approximately 28 miles from Charleston, approximately 25 miles from Fayetteville, and approximately 43 miles from Beckley.

The novel “Goodbye Miss 4th of July”, written by Christopher Janus, is a biographical story of his Greek family’s struggles while growing up in Montgomery. In 1988, a film version of “Goodbye Miss 4th of July” was produced by the Disney Channel.

History of Montgomery WV

From 1876 to 1890, the town was called Coal Valley Post Office. The name then changed to Montgomery’s Landing and then Coal Valley. In 1890 it was again renamed, as Cannelton. Montgomery was incorporated April 1, 1891 for James C. Montgomery, one of the city’s first settlers.

Montgomery’s growth was due to the construction of the Kanawha & Michigan Railroad across the river and the connection of the Virginian Railway. In the early 1910s Montgomery was the shipping center for 26 different coal operations and the largest town in Fayette County at the time.

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