Grafton West Virginia
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Town of Grafton WV

The city of Grafton is located in Taylor County West Virginia and is known for its outdoor adventures, arts and history. Grafton is known for boating, fishing, sunbathing at Tygart Lake State Park. Both of West Virginia’s national cemeteries are located in Grafton. Mother’s Day was founded in Grafton on May 10, 1908 and the city is home to the International Mother’s Day Shrine. Grafton was one of the first places to observe Memorial Day in the United States. Grafton originally developed as a junction point for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, serving numerous branches vital to the local coal industry.

History of Grafton WV

The city was named after John Grafton a prominent engineer for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. The railroad brought prosperity to Grafton, and the city became an important switching area for both freight and passengers. Coal and timber were major commodities hauled through Grafton on passenger trains operated between Baltimore, Washington, Cincinnati, and St. Louis via Grafton, with links to New York and Chicago.

In the city of Grafton today the railroad operations are greatly reduced, but still operates through Grafton. Glass and manufacturing industries, recreation and tourism, and the Grafton Hospital are the main contributors to Grafton’s diversified economy.

  • Appalachian Trail
  • Tygart Lake
  • Birthplace of Mother’s Day
  • National Cemetery

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