Warm Springs Virginia
“Enchantment West of the Shenandoah Valley”

Town of Warm Springs VA

Warm Springs is located in Bath County in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. Warm Springs is the county seat of Bath County. The community grew around the courthouse and the nearby Jefferson Pools. Warm Springs is primarily residential, but has a few landmarks, restaurants, renovated inns, historic homes and an outdoor outfitter.

History of Warm Springs VA

The Homestead has been a famous resort from before the American Revolutionary War. After The French and Indian War Captain Thomas Bullet, Charles Lewis, and Andrew Lewis had heard about the springs used by the Indians in the area. Captain Bullet received medals in the war and also granted over 300 acres of land. In 1766 the land was cleared and an 18 room wooden hotel was built named the, “Homestead”. Captain Bullet died in the Revolutionary War and the family retained ownership of the hotel. In 1832 Dr. Thomas Goode, a physician purchased the resort along with the resort in Warms Springs and Healing Springs VA. In 1881, ME Ingalls, JP Morgan and other investors built the basic structure of the hotel. Throughout the years the hotel had many owners, built additions, a tavern, golf course, ski resort and other amenities. As the hotel grew and expanded so did the community with more lodging, restaurants and activities.

  • Jefferson Pools
  • Hidden Valley Rock Shelter
  • Oakley Farms
  • Three Hills

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