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Big Stone Gap VA

Big Stone Gap Virginia
“A Little Town With A Big Story”

Town of Big Stone Gap VA

Big Stone Gap is located in Wise County in Southwest Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Big Stone Gap is alive with music, culture, and history along with old fashioned charm and southern hospitality.

Explore the historical state park museum and watch the “Trail of Lonesome Pine”  outdoor drama, visit the coal mining museum, the John Fox and June Tolliver homes, Interstate 101 Historic Car, and the Heritage Museum.

Many visitors bring their bicycles and ride the greenbelt along the scenic Powell River and the Jefferson National Forest. A big attraction is the National Tunnel State Park. Some visitors listen and play old time bluegrass music at various venues in Big Stone Gap.

History of Big Stone Gap VA

The Cherokee, Iroquois, Wyandotte, and Shawnee Indians considered the Big Stone Gap area to be a hunter’s paradise with game such as elk, turkey, deer, bear and buffalo. Big Stone Gap saw early explorers such as Dr. Thomas Walker, Ambrose Powell, Elisha Walker and Daniel Boone. Big Stone Gap was name “Three Forks”,  back in the 1700s. Big Stone Gap was also known as “Mineral City” due to coal and iron ore deposits.

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