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Jonesville VA

Jonesville Virginia
“Where Virginia Begins”

Town of Jonesville VA

The small quaint rural town of Jonesville is located in Lee County in Southwest Virginia surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. Jonesville is the county seat of Lee County Virginia. Jonesville offers local restaurants, a cabin rental and a campground, outdoor recreation, arts and crafts, lush farmland and mountain vistas.

History of Jonesville VA

The Town of Jonesville was established in in 1794 and founded on October 13, 1795 as the County Seat of Lee County and named after Fredrick Jones.  Jonesville is the second oldest town west of Roanoke.  In the town’s earliest years it was known as Glade Spring and by the Civil War era often called Mump’s Fort.  Originally incorporated in 1884 and re-incorporated in 1901, Jonesville was a small but thriving center of commerce.

Jonesville was a small but thriving center of local commerce but like most towns in the central Appalachian region, it fell into gradual economic decline as the coal boom subsided in the latter half of the twentieth century. By the end of the century much of the commercial real estate in its downtown area was either unoccupied or underutilized.

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