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Clintwood VA

Clintwood Virginia
“Where Virginia Begins”

Town of Clintwood VA

The town of Clintwood is located in the upland Holly Creek Valley in Dickenson County Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Clintwood offers many activities and advantages such as hiking, parks, scenic drives, memorials, museums, fishing, music, bed and breakfasts, inns, vacation rentals, restaurants and more.

History of Clintwood VA

Clintwood was founded in 1882 when the General Assembly opted to create a brand new city on Holly Creek to serve as the county seat. Clintwood was named after Major Henry Clintwood, a Virginian Senator who proposed the county seat.

Clintwood was settled in 1829 by John Mullins from Burke County, NC who moved into a hunting cabin with his wife, daughter, and two younger sons.He went back to North Carolina to retrieve the rest of his family when a deep winter set in forcing the family in the cabin to fend for themselves until the next spring. John Mullins went on to raise his family on a large new farm in Clintwood. The family owned most of the land from Nickels Gap to Georges Fork Mountain.

In 1854 John P Chase was employed on the Mullins farm, became a Captain in the Confederate Army and a Virginia House of Delegates member. He bought a portion of the Mullins land and sold lots to officials after the town was planned out.

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