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Grundy VA

Grundy Virginia
“Coaltown USA”

Town of Grundy VA

Grundy is a small coal mining town at the top of the state near Kentucky. Grundy sits on the Cumberland Plateau of Central Appalachia in Buchanan County Virginia. Grundy is surrounded by hills, mountains, and thick hardwood forests. Grundy is known for its natural resources of timber, coal, and natural gas. Grundy, Virginia. Grundy is filled with many outdoor recreational activities such as a view of the coal mining history, the eight mile coal heritage trail, Breaks Interstate Park, Mountain Top Golf Course, bird-watching, and the Southern Gap Outdoor Adventure Water Center, hunting, fishing, horse shows, and four-wheeling.

History of Grundy VA

The town of Grundy was formed in 1858 and named after, Felix Grundy, a united Stated Attorney general and Senator from Tennessee. The town of Grundy depended on coal mining as its economy. The decline of coal affected jobs and population.

In 1864 Union troops passed through Grundy on their way to the Battle of Saltville. The Union troops were defeated but returned later to destroy the salt works.

Since 1929, Grundy suffered nine major floods. a federal project was started to relocate much of the town to higher elevations.

After the flood of 1977 the town turned to education as a sustaining industry and opened up the Appalachian School of Law in 1997, and the Appalachian College of Pharmacy in 2005. Both schools have created millions in providing economic development.

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