Wytheville Virginia
“There Is Only One”

Town of Wytheville VA

The town of Wytheville, VA is located in Wythe county in Southwest Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Wytheville offers many of the visitors traveling the interstates of 77 & 81 a great stopping point to enjoy unique attractions, lodging, restaurants, shopping, performing arts, , motorcycle trails, fishing, live music, and special events.

Wytheville is rich in heritage, scenic beauty, charm and southern hospitality. Wytheville has many attractions to explore when you visit. Fort Chiswell Animal Park, The Wytheville State Fish Hatchery, The Cultural Center, Wythe Raceway, The Walfarht Haus Dinner Theatre, Williams Orchard, Thomas S Byrd Museum, Edith Boling Birthplace Museum, Snoopers Antique Mall, Shot Tower Historical Park, The New River Trail State Park and Foster Falls, and Big Lookout are just a few of the things to while exploring in Wytheville.

History of Wytheville VA

The town of Wytheville was founded in 1972 and was previously named, Evansham, on 100 acres of land. The town was named after Goerge Wythe who was the first signature on the Declaration of Independence for Virginia.

Wyheville is at the intersection of two Great Western Roads; The Ingles Ferry, and Pepper Ferry Trails. Today the intersection of two federal highways interstates 77 & 81 brings thousands of people to the Southern of charm of Wytheville.

In May 1790 Chris Simmerman established the town and county seat dividing the area of Wytheville into half acre lots for sale which became the town of Wytheville.

In 1926 the community had a lynching of Raymond Bird, an African American who was jailed for having consensual sex with a white woman, Minnie Grub, and was hanged in the county. Virginia then passed anti-lynching law after the event provoked national coverage by newspaper.

In 1950 a polio epidemic hit Wytheville affecting 184 people. The town council urged visitors to return the following year and put up signs at all five entrances to the county.

Presently Wytheville is a tourism destination with an outdoor recreation, history, and culture attracting visitors from all over due to its location in the Southwest Virginia portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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