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Damascus VA

Damascus Virginia
“Trail Town USA…Crossing Paths”

Town of Damascus VA

Damascus is located in Washington County Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains near the Virginia and Tennessee state lines. Damascus is known as a, “Trail Town” where seven National trails intersect. The seven trails are the (1) Appalachian Trail, (2) The Virginia Creeper Trail, (3) The Iron Mountain Trail, (4) The Daniel Boone Heritage Trail, (5) The Crooked Road Music Heritage Trail, (6) Virginia Bird watching and Wildlife Trail, (7) Gateway to Mount Rogers Recreation Area. The main attractions in Damascus are the Appalachian Trail, The Virginia Creeper Trail, and Mount Rogers.

Damascus has plenty of cabin rentals, lodging, places to eat, and outdoor recreational shops to help you with your adventure. Damascus holds the annual, Trail Days festival during the middle of May each year.

History of Damascus VA

The first inhabitants where the Cherokee and the Shawnee Indians who fought over the right to the area. In 1759 Daniel Boone blazed a trail though the Iron Mountain Gap through Damascus, VA heading the way for many settlers to follow to this region. one settler, named Henry Mock and his family on their way to Kentucky fell in love with the area of Damascus and decided to build a grist mill and sawmill powered by Laurel Creek. Damascus was first named, ” Mock’s Mill”.

In 1886 Mock’s Mill was purchased by General John Imboden with a plan of creating a steel city due to the iron ore deposits in the mountains nearby.

Damascus had an abundant resource of Timber such as oak, chestnut, pine, and poplar. Railroads were constructed to transport the lumber to local and regionally destinations. The lumber lasted 25 years with most of the timber coming from the Damascus area. The creation of the United States Forest Service to restore and conserve resources resulted in Federal acquisition of much of the land around Damascus.

In the 1990s tourism became the major business as the railroad going through Damascus was turned into a bicycle path for recreation called the Virginia Creeper Trail. Many bicycle shops and shuttle services started up making it accessible for families to enjoy the downhill rail-trail.

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