Chilhowie Virginia
“Valley of Many Deer”

Town of Chilhowie VA

The town of Chilhowie is located in Smyth county in the Southwest Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. The word “Chilhowie” means “Valley of the Deer”, in Cherokee. The town was created upon historic routes of travel and the gateway to the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area. Every September Chilhowie Virginia celebratesan Apple Festival based on the local economy with contests and entertainment.

There are many activities, such as hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, swimming, horseback riding, and cross country skiing.

History of Chilhowie VA

The town of Chilhowie was incorporated in 1913. In the past it was a stagecoach community name, “Town House”. After the railroad was built in 1856 the town was referred to as Greever’s Switch, the name of the first station master. Chihowie was comprised of various industries such as pottery, brick, lumber, textile, fertilizer, equipment, and furniture. The main industry was cattle farms and apples. In 1889 the Bonham Brothers put Chilhowie on the map nationally for distributing apples.

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