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Blacksburg VA

Blacksburg Virginia
“Home of the Hokies, Virginia Tech”

Town of Blacksburg VA

The town of Blacksburg is located in Montgomery County in the New River Valley West of the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests in the Southwest Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. The sounds of nature surround the town and peaceful countryside as mountain vistas transition into bustling towns. Blacksburg offers shopping, a variety of dining options, art galleries, and an abundance of lodging and outdoor recreation is available. Blacksburg is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, and outdoor mecca, a cultural destination and a great place to raise a family.

Downtown Blacksburg is evident of times gone by and a thriving modern day community. A visit to Blacksburg during any season will make you come alive for a game day at Virginia Tech or a bustling Farmers Market.

History of Blacksburg VA

The area was home to the Tutelo Indian Tribe. Abraham Wood, who commanded Frey Henery (present day Petersburg) organized several expeditions to explore further West. A passage over the ridge was founded 1671 by Batts and Fallam.

During the French and Indian War, Shawneee Indians equipped by France attacked Drapers’ Meadow (Blcksburg, VA), forcing the frontiersmen to abandon their outpost.

During the Great Migration Westward it was known it was difficult to cross the eastern continental divide over the Alleghany Ridge. Drapper’s Meadow, now present day Blacksburg, ingratiated as an early settlement and the best route over the mountains. In addition, Draper’s Meadow was selected due to the fertile land, natural springs and the nearby Mississippi river basin boundary.

William Preston surveyed the original settlement of Blacksburg Virginia creating 25-30 lots; that were 150-600 acrea each. Samuel Black in 1773 purchased on elot where his son createde the square grid of streets known as the “Old Sixteen Squares”, which became the creation of Blacksburg.  Blacksburg was founded in 1798 and named after William Black.

In 1871, Blacksburg was incorporated and Thomas James became the first Mayor. The Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College open in 1872, The college grew tot he Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University also known as Virginia Tech.

By 1901 the first automobile came through town shortly followed by the railroad in 1903 from Christiansburg; called the Virgina Anthrocite and Coal Railroad, also known as, “Huckleberry”. In 1998 this train route became a popular outdoor recreational road for hiking and biking know as the , “Huckleberry Trail”. By the 1960s Blacksburg’s commercialization increased and the New York based, Corning Glass Works opening in Blacksburg a manufacturing facility in 1964 on the South side of the town.

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