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Fancy Gap VA

Fancy Gap Virginia
“Where Heaven is a Little Closer”

Town of Fancy Gap VA

Fancy Gap is a small village in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Fancy Gap offers outdoor activities, mountain music and culture, unique shopping, cool mountain weather, and beautiful lodging with mountain views.

History of Fancy Gap VA

Fancy Gap was originally called “Foggy Camp”, by the Indians of the region. Most roads in the mountains often followed creeks, deer paths and Indian trails. Most of these roads did not accommodate the passage of wagons, so local settlers began to build their own roads.These home-engineered roads usually crossed at the lowest point between the mountains called, “Gaps”, or called a, “Spur”. The main two roads in the Fancy Gap area were the , Flower Gap Road and the Good Spur Road. At the foot of Good Spur Road at the bottom of the mountain a log tavern was built by a man named McEdwards which served the public for 100 years. In 1810 John Moris built a log tavern at the top of the mountain which was in business for 40 years.

Ira Blain Coltrane a 15yr old boy saw a better route up the steep incline and remarked it wold make a, “Fancy Road”. By 1850 the Fancy Gap Turnpike was finished by the boy in his later years from Fancy Gap to the bottom of the mountain.

The road was of great importance for farmers to sell their produce and livestock by getting the exported goods to the railroad. In 1935 the Blue Ridge Parkway began and passed through Fancy Gap bringing automobiles and tourism to the area.

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