Boonville North Carolina
“Crossroads of Yadkin Valley”

Town of Boonville NC

Boonville North Carolina is a small town with a big heart at the crossroads of the Yadkin Valley wine region. Boonville NC will teach you to remember how to be carefree as you savor our delicious wine and beautiful rural landscape. Whether you are in the mood for a relaxing picnic in the vineyard or an exhilarating zipline through the tree canopy, a family trip to the blueberry farm or a romantic dinner for two, we invite you to try it all.

Come to Boonville to unwind and reconnect. Here you can gather around the campfire with your family for ghost stories and marshmallows, rent a guest house for a family weekend or a romantic getaway. Join us for a glass of one of our award-winning wines or a relaxing stroll through the grape vines. Take in the rural beauty or go kayaking, camping, ziplining, and horseback riding. After the adventure have an elegant meal made from organic, farm-fresh veggies, a picnic in a vineyard, or a great burger in one of our dining establishments.

History of Boonville NC

A settler named Davis founded a blacksmith shop, a hat factory, a mill for grinding grain, and a shop where grinding stones and whet rocks were made. It is reported that in a period of only a few hours, the settler’s wife and three children became ill with a dreaded disease and all four died. Davis was heartbroken, left town and never returned. In 1768, when he was twenty-two years old, Daniel Boone came to this area to bear and deer hunt on the Yadkin River.

Some of the older people have heard stories passed down from other generations, that Daniel Boone camped frequently in Boonville a short distance west of Boonville Baptist Church where there was a large spring. Near this spring there was large, hollow, poplar tree. Early residents of Boonville said that Daniel Boone slept in this tree at night. It is believed that Dr. Nathan B. Dozier built the first house in Boonville. Tradition says that either Dr. Nathan B. Dozier or William H. Rodwell named the town of Boonville after Daniel Boone.

A post office was established under the name of Boonville on November 20, 1857 with William H. Rodwell as the first postmaster. Boonville was incorporated on February 19, 1895, by the North Carolina legislature.

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