Alcoa Tennessee
“Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains”

Town of Alcoa TN

The city of Alcoa is located in Blount County north of Maryville Tennessee situated in the foothills of the great Smoky Mountains. I’ll close the side of a huge aluminum smelting plan on by the Alcoa Corporation started in 1919.

With its location just south of Knoxville there are many things to do within Alcoa in the surrounding areas. Alcoa attracts its share of visitors for a various reasons with this many parks and greenways, sporting events, local and chain restaurants, and shopping.

Some attractions to see while you visit our millennium Manor castle Spring Brook Park, the Sam Houston School House, Cades Cove in the Great Smoky national park, sun sphere, the nature Center, Marble Springs cabin, memorials, gardens, wildlife centers, and much more.

If Alcoa is your homebase for your adventure stay in one of the many hotels, bed-and-breakfast, Campground, or cabin rental in or nearby Alcoa Tennessee.

History of Alcoa TN

In 1907 Belco Corporation wanted to build an aluminum smelting plant which would use a significant significant amount of energy and electricity. Therefore the hydroelectric potential of a little Tennessee River made a perfect match to build the plant in what was known as Calderwood. The corporation purchased land for the plant and also for the construction of 150 houses for the company employees. With World War I there is a demand for aluminum the corporation expanded building more plants. That yea The time was incorporated under the name Alcoa.

During World War II the production increased by 600% and increased its workforce to over 12,000 employees. In the 1940s a company built the worlds largest plant under one roof.

After the war production slowed tremendously in the city of Alcoa looked for ways to diversify it’s economy to tourism and other economic needs.


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