Oliver Springs Tennessee
“Named After the Original Postmaster”

Town of Oliver Springs TN

The town of Oliver Springs is located in Anderson county in the Tennessee Blue Ridge Mountains. Oliver SPrings is an outdoor lover’s paradise and is geared towards tourism. Oliver Springs is the gateway to Windrock Park which is the largest privately owned off road facility in the USA. Windrock PArkhas an abundant 72,000 acres of mountain terrain with 300 miles of ATV, horseback, mountain biking and hiking trails.

Other places to visit in Oliver Springs TN is Arrowhead Park with a track, a pavilion, scenic views, baseball fields, and more. The Windrock shooting Range and training center is a great place to sharpen  your skills with eight different outdoor ranges.

Choose from a variety of lodging to stay and play in Oliver Springs TN such as cabin rentals, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, and hotels.

History of Oliver Springs TN

Oliver Springs was founded in 1821 and named Winter’s Gap named after the first settler Major Moses Winters. Before the first settlement in 1799 the Native American Indians used this area as a hunting ground and campsite. Due to natural mineral springs and lots of wildlife. Windrock Mountain provided all for the “Indians to stay and thrive. The Springs were called “Tah-Tah-Lehan”, meaning healing waters in Cherokee.

In 1761, Elisha Walden explored the Clinch and Powell Rivers and valleys. In 1826 Richard Oliver became the first postmaster and the town was renamed to Oliver Springs in his honor. Richard provided mail service from his 35 room mansion which was also an inn. He was the first to transport guests to and from the natural springs.

During the Civil War the Inn was used as a hospital by both sides. In 1873 Joseph Richards bought Oliver’s land and built the first resort hotel with 150 rooms with modern amenities. The new hotel catered to wealthy guests who came from all over the United States and Europe to drink and bathe in the healing waters.

In 1888 the railroad brought visitors to the hotel and springs. In 1905 the hotel burned and the town covered the springs. In 1942 during the World War II the United States government bought up the neighboring communities of Roberstville, Edgemoor, East Fork, Elza, Bethel, Scarborough and the secret city of Oak Ridge as part of the Manhattan Project. Oliver Springs became dependent upon the economic increase from Oak Ridge but also felt the decline in the early 1990s.

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