Pikeville Tennessee
“Gateway To Fall Creek Falls”

Town of Pikeville TN

The small town of Pikeville is located in Bledsoe County on the edge of the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau, and the East Tennessee Blue Ridge Mountains. The town of Pikeville is within the Northern portion of the Sequatchie Valley. The Sequatchie Valley is a deep narrow fertile valley in the Southern part of the Cumberland Plateau; surrounded by Walden Ridge and Little Mountain. The town also resides on the Sequatchie River.

There are many things to do while staying in Pikeville such as exploring the Cumberland Caverns, visit the Farmers Market, Rafting Kayaking or Paddle Boarding the Ocoee River, shop the Dry Bean Ceramic Studio and the Perfect Light Gallery, take an aerial tour with a helicopter, and play a round of golf.

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History of Pikeville TN

In 1796 John Mclellan and Charles McClans explored the Sequatchie Valley and wrote that one to three miles in the valley where of excellent quality with rich soil and fertile land.

Anthony Bledsoe for whom the county is named after was a long-time avid hunter o the Sequatchie Valley.

Pikeville was established in 1816 on lands donated by Charles Love. Pikeville became the county seat for Bledsoe County. The town of Pikeville, after the War of 1812 was incorporated in 1830.

JV Wigle came to Pikeville with his wife who was a combustion engineer and a lab assistant at East Michigan State. He brought many things to Pikeville establishing electricity, a Coca-Cola bottling company, and a wrought iron railing company.

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