The Blue Ridge Mountains have long enchanted locals and visitors alike with their rich color which lines the horizon from Georgia to Pennsylvania. When viewed from a distance this mountain range, which spans six states along the eastern United States, takes on a shade of blue so vibrant it looks almost surreal. One could spend days simply breathing in the fresh mountain air. Of course, there is more to do in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains than simply sight-see. From cave explorations and gem mining in North Carolina to quiet lake cruises in Virginia and Georgia, the expansive mountain range holds vacation opportunities for any and everyone.

If you’ve fallen in love with any region in the Blue Ridge Mountains, timeshares are a great alternative to traditional vacation homes and rentals. From rustic-style lodgings in the woods of North Carolina to luxurious five-star accommodations in Virginia, there’s something for every vacation personality.

Timeshare ownership appeals to many vacationers for a variety of reasons. As an owner, you can stay at luxury resorts in the Blue Ridge area year after year, without having to worry about overcrowded hotels, last-minute bargains or having enough space to keep everyone sane while you are on vacation. Timeshare suites are typically much larger than traditional hotel suites, with as many as three bedrooms and bathrooms, common living areas and private balconies – and full kitchens to boot!

In addition, once you own your vacation timeshare outright, you’ll never have to pay for accommodations again. Rather, you’ll just pay an annual maintenance fee, which is generally divided into increments throughout the year, to ensure that your property is luxuriously appointed and up-to-date. There’s no year-round maintenance, no utilities to pay – just the best and most relaxing vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains you can have.

You can also rent timeshares in the Blue Ridge Mountains if ownership if not right for you. Check online sites like for deals on timeshares for rent by owner. These rentals are often priced at significant reductions from the resort prices and you can find a variety of different sized suites and resorts to suit your family’s individual needs.

Whether you’re ready to purchase, or you’re just interested in renting, a timeshare in the Blue Ridge Mountains is a great way to get back to nature.




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